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Crossword and Wordsearch puzzles

EduPuzzles raise the level of pupil interest by stimulating the desire to learn with the use of humour and by providing a user friendly, visually rich environment.

EduPuzzles are specially prepared for both small screen single user and class participation on Interactive Whiteboards.

Each CD-ROM is made up of sets of puzzles written to reflect the vocabulary used in the topics taught in English schools. Each set has a single user crossword, Interactive Whiteboard crossword (with on-board ‘Pecking Keyboard’), printed crossword and wordsearch puzzle.

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e-Learning Modules

EduPuzzles e-Learning Modules are designed to support classroom teaching and learning through engagement and participation. The resulting student friendly, risk free modules are based on current best practice in classroom teaching and pedagogical theory.

EduPuzzles e-Learning Modules do not replace the contribution of the teacher in the classroom, rather they are designed to empower teachers and provide alternative methods of learning and revision within the classroom or on an individual basis.

Each e-Learning Module is supplied on a 64Mb Memory Stick.

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EduPuzzles Crosswords, Wordsearches and e-Learning Modules are registered for sale in England on Curriculum Online. Product codes and prices are quoted here for purchases using electronic learning credits on COL. EduPuzzles are sold in the UK under the banner HWA-EduPuzzles and marketed by Hartwill Associates. COL customers click on the logo to purchase online.

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